Evaluation Questionnaire

Dear SOSS School participants,
we would be very grateful if you could fill the following questionnaire:

1) How would you rate the general organization of the school?
 Excellent  Very good  Good  Fair  Poor

2) How would you rate the technical solutions for the online meeting?
 Excellent  Very good  Good  Fair  Poor

3) How would you rate the offline service for the recorded talks?
 Excellent  Very good  Good  Fair  Poor

4) How would you rate the scientific talks?
 Excellent  Very good  Good  Fair  Poor

5) How would you rate the assistance for managing registrations?
 Excellent  Very good  Good  Fair  Poor

6) Would you recommend that SOSS becomes a recurrent event?
 Yes  No  Maybe

7) Describe your experience at the SYDIC Summer School with three adjectives:
List them.

How would you share your learning experience with a friend?

How has this experience added value to your skills?

How do you plan to put into practice what you have acquired during the Sydic Summer School?

Would you recommend this experience to your colleague/friend?

Do you feel changed after this experience? If so, how?

Would you repeat this experience?

How would you describe the path taken during the Summer School? Have you achieved your goals?

Any service or features you would like to see or improve?